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XcupStoreColors - initialize shareable colormap entries at specific locations


cc [ flag ... ] file ... -lXext [ library ... ]
#include <X11/extensions/Xcup.h>

Status XcupStoreColors(Display *display, Colormap colormap,XColor *colors_in_out,
int ncolors);ArgumentsdisplaySpecifies the connection to the X server colormapSpecifies
the colormap colors_in_outSpecifies and returns the values actually used
in the colormap ncolorsSpecifies the number of items in colors_in_out DescriptionThe
 XcupStoreColors   function changes the colormap entries of the pixel values
in the pixel members of the XColor structures. The colormap entries are
allocated as if an AllocColor has been used instead, i.e. the colors are
read-only (shareable). XcupStoreColors   returns the number of colors that
were successfully allocated in the colormap. 
A  Value   error is generated
if a pixel is not a valid index into the colormap. A BadMatch   error is
generated if the colormap does not belong to a GrayScale, PseudoColor,
or DirectColor visual. 
Applications which allocate many colors in a screen's
default colormap, e.g. a color-cube or a gray-ramp, should allocate them with
 XCupStoreColors.   By using XCupStoreColors the colors will be allocated
sharable (read-only)  and any other application which allocates the same
color will share that  color cell. 
See AlsoXcupQueryVersion(3Xext), XcupGetReservedColormapEntries(3Xext),

Colormap Utilization Policy and Extension