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From: Gene Golub <golub@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 22:22:09 PDT
Subject: Postdoc/ Student Support for Householder Meeting

For US Citizens and residents

Postdocs and graduate students are invited to apply for participating
in the Householder meeting at Lake Arrowhead to be held from June
13-18, 1993. There is modest support from the National Science
Foundation for travel/lodging. Those persons requesting support
should give reasons for attending the meeting and a budget for
expenses. The postdocs/students should indicate their research
interests and plans; a one page abstract of a proposed talk is
desirable. A letter of recommendation should be sent independently by
a faculty person. For students, this letter should give the GPA. We
expect to make a decision by May 15, 1993.

Send your application to:
FAX: 415/723-2411 (Write "Student Support" on Fax.)
E-mail: (Subject: Student Support).


From: Claude Brezinski <>
Date: Ma, 6 Avr 93 09:40:01 +0200
Subject: Honorary Degree for Richard Varga

It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform all
of you that

Professor Richard S. Varga
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of
Sciences and Technologies of Lille (France).
The ceremony took place at Hospice Comtesse, a building of
the 17th century in the center of Lille on April 2, 1993.
Six other scientists also got the same degree which was
given for the last time by the University of Lille 10 years

Congratulations, Richard, for what you achieved in your career
and best wishes for the future.


From: Margareta Heilmann <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 93 14:18:15 SET
Subject: Info on Wavelets Sought

As I am trying to learn more about wavelets (especially about
algorithms and applications) I have the following requests:
1) I would like to get information about available software.
2) It would be nice, if people working in this field can supply me
with pre- or reprints.
Thanks in advance
Margareta Heilmann
University of Dortmund
Departement of Mathematics
P.O. Box 50 05 00
4600 Dortmund 50


From: Piero Morasso <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 14:55:41 MET DST
Subject: ICANN '94 Preliminary Call for Papers


is the fourth Annual Conference of ENNS and it comes after
ICANN'91(Helsinki), ICANN'92 (Brighton), ICANN'93 (Amsterdam).
It is co-sponsored by INNS, IEEE-NC, JNNS.
It will take place at the Sorrento Congress Center, near Naples,
Italy, on May 26-29, 1994.
There will be tutorials and invited talks by top-experts
in the field who will also join the program committee.

Interested authors are cordially invited to present their work
in one of the following "Scientific Areas" (A-Cognitive Science;
B-Mathematical Models; C- Neurobiology; D-Fuzzy Systems;
E-Neurocomputing), indicating also an "Application domain"
(1-Motor Control;2-Speech;3-Vision;4-Natural Language;
5-Process Control;6-Robotics;7-Signal Processing;
8-Pattern Recognition;9-Hybrid Systems;10-Implementation).

DEADLINE for CAMERA-READY COPIES: December 15, 1993.
Detailed instructions will be given in a subsequent call.

Conference Chair: Prof. Eduardo R. Caianiello, Univ. Salerno,
Italy, Dept.Theoretic Physics; email:

Conference Co-Chair: Prof. Pietro G. Morasso, Univ. Genova,
Italy, Dept.Informatics, Systems,Telecommunication,

Tutorial Chair: Prof. John Taylor, Imperial College,London, UK,
fax: +44 71 873 2017

Industrial Liaison Chair: Dr. Roberto Serra, Ferruzzi
Finanziaria, Ravenna, fax: +39 544 35692/32358


From: Larry Picha <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 08:58:30 EDT
Subject: Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing

The Organizing Committee would like to call your attention to the
"Conference on Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing" to be held
May 7, 1993 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The objective of the Conference is to promote dialogue and interaction
among leaders in the multi-sector United States high performance computing
community including industry, academia and the federal agencies. The
Conference is jointly sponsored by nine Federal agencies contributing to
the High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative.

The Conference is divided into four major sections: Keynote Address;
Applications Workshop Summary; Software Technology Report; and a Panel on
Industrial Applications.

1. Keynote Address
An address focusing on the importance of High Performance Computing and
Communications to the nation will be given. A prominent national figure
has been invited to give this address.

2. Applications Workshop Summary
Summarized presentations from the "HPCC Workshop on Grand Challenge
Applications and Software Technology" for the following areas will be given
by experts in their fields:

- Environmental and Earth Sciences
- Computational Physics
- Computational Biology, Chemistry, and Material Sciences
- Computational Fluid Plasma Dynamics
- Applications of Artificial Intelligence

3. Software Technology Report
As also identified in the Workshop, the needs and requirements for software
technology in the following areas will be presented:

I/O & Data Systems for HPC Parallel Programming
HP Fortran and Parallel Tools/Libraries
Programming Paradigms Algorithms
HPC Performance Evaluation Visualization
Multidisciplinary Applications

4. Panel on Industrial Applications
Panelists will represent the following areas: aeronautics (civil transport
and materials); petroleum; automotive; manufacturing, health care in the
area of imagery or information delivery (and including pharmaceuticals);
financial (esp. modeling). The Panelists will address:

Relevance and impact of the science and engineering Grand Challenge
Applications on Industrial Applications in their industry (especially
techniques and methodologies),
Importance and relevance of identified software technology challenges on
their industrial applications
General view of the Grand Challenge industrial applications (the
so-called National Challenges) in their community.

Please note that the results of the HPCC "Workshop on Grand Challenge
Applications and Software Technology" will be reported at this Conference.
The Workshop which will be held prior to the Conference is, however, by
invitation only. The purpose of the Workshop is to bring HPCC Grand
Challenge applications research groups supported under the HPCC Initiative
together with HPCC software technologists in order to: discuss
multidisciplinary computational science research issues and approaches;
refine the software technology requirements for Grand Challenge
applications research; and, identify the major technology challenges facing
users and providers. The results will be presented during the Conference.

If you would like additional information on the Conference please contact
the Conference Coordinator at (phone: 412/268-4960, email:

Paul H. Smith
Organizing Committee Chair

Conference on Grand Challenges for High Performance Computing
May 7, 1993


National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Science Foundation
Department of Energy
National Institutes of Health
Environmental Protection Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
National Security Agency
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Paul H. Smith, NASA, Chair Stephen M. Griffin, NSF, Exec. Sec.
Norman Glick, NSA Fred Johnson, NIST
Tom Kitchens, DOE Jacob Maizel, NIH
Joan Novak, EPA Tom Pyke, NOAA
Robert Voigt, NSF Gil Weigand, ARPA


Rick Stevens, ANL, Chair Fran Berman, U. of California, San Diego
Al Brenner, SRC Phillip Colella, U. California, Berkeley
Kevin Drogenmeir, U. Oklahoma Ian Foster, ANL
Geoffrey Fox, NPAC, Syracuse Mike Heath, U. Illinois/NCSA
Ken Kennedy, Rice U. Tom Kitchens, DOE
Robert Martino, NIH Paul Messina, Caltech
Reagan Moore, SDSC Dan Reed, U. Illinois
Ralph Roskies, PSC Manny Salas, NASA/LaRC
Joel Saltz, U. Maryland Ahmed Sameh, CSRD
Fran Sullivan, SRC Andy White, LANL
Paul Woodward, U. Minnesota

For further information contact:

Conference Coordinator (phone 412/268-4960, email:


From: Valerie Fraysse <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 09:49:30 +0100
Subject: Comett Course on Qualitative Computing

European Course (funded by EEC Comett Programme) on

Francoise Chatelin Valerie Fraysse

June 8 --- June 10, 1993
LCR, Thomson-CSF
Domaine de Corbeville, Orsay, France

Is it wise to trust the simulation results produced by computers using
finite precision arithmetic ? When a computation takes place in a neighborhood
of a singularity, then the computing error cannot be made small and all the
digits can be wrong~: such computations are said to be ``impossible''.
Is it possible, however, to go beyond this classical view of computation, and
retrieve the meaning which, at first sight, is clouded by computing errors~?

This module presents the latest approaches for studying the reliability
of computer solutions and the robustness of numerical models. Several problems
are addressed. The necessity of distinguishing between various sources of
instability (algorithms, numerical methods, models...) is emphasized.
Moreover, it is known that an underlying singularity may damage seriously the
quality of computations~: the distance to singularity, viewed by the computer
becomes an essential parameter for interpreting computational processes; but
the influence of a singularity can also be dramatically increased under the
variation of certain parameters, such as the departure from normality for
matrix computations, the Reynolds number in CFD, the resistivity in MHD...

We present a qualitative approach for analysing computer results, which provides
insightful information on condition numbers and distances to singularity,
using intensively various graphical tools such as perturbed spectra, level
curves of resolvent...

This module offers about 20 hours of courses, aimed at engineers and researchers
involved in computer simulation. Lecture notes will be provided to all

Registration Fees : 1000 FF
Discount for students and multiple inscriptions : 500 FF

For further informations and applications, please contact
Francoise Chatelin
LCR, Thomson-CSF,
Domaine de Corbeville,
F-91404 ORSAY cedex
Tel: [33] (1) 60 19 73 11
Fax: [33] (1) 60 19 71 20


From: Herman J.J. te Riele <>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 15:26:49 +0200
Subject: Symposia on Massively Parallel Computing and Applications



In 1993 - 1994, CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science Amsterdam)
and RUU (University of Utrecht) are organising a series of Symposia on
Massively Parallel Computing and Applications.

As far as the computing part is concerned, we are interested in
contributions on the optimization and analysis of generic numerical
algorithms on massively parallel computers. In particular, we think of
iterative methods for large sparse systems of equations, multigrid methods
for various types of PDEs, parallel methods for the solution of ordinary
differential equation, software tools for parallelization, etc.

On the applications side, we seek contributions in fields where optimization
and analysis of numeric and nonnumeric algorithms for massively parallel
computers are instrumental for real progress. In particular we think of
environmental problems, number theory and cryptography, multiple-particle
systems, chemical reactions, computational fluid dynamics,
seismic problems etc.

The following advisory board will assist in the selection of the
Symposium programs:

P. Aerts, Dutch National Computing Facilities Foundation NCF
O. Axelsson, Catholic University Nijmegen
L.O. Hertzberger, University of Amsterdam
P.A.J. Hilbers, Royal Shell Laboratory Amsterdam
P.J. van der Houwen, CWI and University of Amsterdam
W. Loeve, National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
N. Petkov, University of Groningen
M. Rem, Technical University Eindhoven
J.G. Verwer, CWI
H. Wijshoff, University of Leiden
P. De Wilde, Technical University Delft

We intend to organise bi-monthly one- or half-day meetings each of which
will be centred around a class of numerical algorithms or around a coherent
applications field.
The first three dates will be June 4, 1993, Sept. 24, 1993 and Nov. 26, 1993.
The first meeting will be devoted to application of massively parallel
computing in environmental problems.
Refereed proceedings will be published.

Abstracts of possible contributions are solicited now. Please send an
abstract to Herman J.J. te Riele, CWI, Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands (email: and indicate your preference, if any,
for one of the above three dates. The deadline for submission of abstracts
for the meeting of June 4, 1993 is May 1, 1993; for the other two meetings
the deadline is June 1, 1993.
Notification of acceptance for the first meeting will be sent by May 20, 1993,
and for the two subsequent meetings by July 1, 1993.
(For the symposia meetings in 1994 a new call for abstracts will be issued in
due time.)
A limited budget is available for contributors from abroad to partially cover
travel and lodging expenses.

The organisers:
H.J.J. te Riele (CWI)
H.A. v.d. Vorst (RUU and CWI)


From: Stephen Wright/Mike Minkoff <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 09:42:39 CDT
Subject: Postdoctoral Positions at Argonne

Postdoctoral Position
Argonne National Laboratory

We invite applications for a postdoctoral research position
at Argonne National Laboratory. Candidates must have experience
in developing and implementing algorithms for ordinary
differential equations, as evidenced through research
accomplishments in computational mathematics or scientific
computing. Experience with large-scale problems, stiff problems,
and parallel computing is desirable.

The successful candidate will participate in a research project
whose aim is to develop and apply mathematical algorithms and
software for the molecular dynamics analysis of protein
conformations on massively parallel computers. The individual
will interact with biophysicists, computational mathematicians,
and computer scientists. Project members have access to
state-of-the-art computing facilities, including a 528-processor
Intel Touchstone DELTA.

Familiarity with molecular modeling of phenomena in chemistry or
biochemistry and experience in obtaining computational solutions
to such problems is desirable.

Applicants must have received their Ph.D. not more than three
years prior to the beginning of the appointment.

Applications must be addressed to

Susan M. Walker, Box mcs/bim-postdoc, Employment and Placement,
Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439,

and must include a resume' and the names and addresses of three
references. For further information, contact

Steve Wright (708-252-7847;
Paul Bash (708-252-8631;

Postdoctoral Position
Argonne National Laboratory

We invite applications for a postdoctoral research position
at Argonne National Laboratory. Candidates must have experience
in developing and implementing ab initio Quantum Mechanics methods for
electronic structure problems, as evidenced through research
accomplishments in computational physics/chemistry or scientific
computing. Experience with Density Functional or Hartree-Fock Theory is

The successful candidate will participate in a research project
whose aim is to develop and apply a hybrid quantum and molecular mechanics
methodology for the study of enzyme reaction mechanisms
utilizing massively parallel computers. The individual
will interact with biophysicists, computational chemists, computational
mathematicians, and computer scientists. Project members have access to
state-of-the-art computing facilities, including a 528-processor
Intel Touchstone DELTA.

Familiarity with molecular modeling of phenomena in chemistry or
biochemistry and experience in obtaining computational solutions
to such problems is desirable.

Applicants must have received their Ph.D. not more than three
years prior to the beginning of the appointment.

Salary is $30,000 - $40,000 per year depending on experience.

Applications must be addressed to

Susan M. Walker, Box bim-postdoc, Employment and Placement,
Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439,

and must include a resume' and the names and addresses of three
references. For further information, contact

Paul Bash (708-252-8631;
Mike Minkoff (708-252-7234;

Argonne is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


From: Jan Mandel <jmandel@elbert.Denver.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 20:35:30 MDT
Subject: Visiting Positions at the University of Colorado at Denver

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Colorado at Denver
expects to offer several visiting positions in Applied Mathematics for
the academic year 1993/94 at the Assistant, Associate, or Full
Professor levels. Candidates with successful research programs in the field of
numerical solution of partial differential equations compatible with
those of the current faculty will be given preference, but outstanding
candidates in other fields will be considered as well. The visitors
will be required to teach graduate courses. The salary will be competitive
and depend on qualifications and experience.

Senior faculty on sabbatical leave would be particularly welcome.
Two tenure track positions are anticipated in the following year, and
the visitors may be considered for those positions.

The Denver/Boulder area is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and
offers excellent opportunities for skiing and hiking.

Please send vita, selected publications, and arrange for two letters of
recommendation to be sent to

Debbie Wangerin
Campus Box 170
University of Colorado at Denver
Denver, CO 80217-3364

The University of Colorado is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


From: Gene Golub <golub@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 15:22:25 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: HPC/Fujitsu Canadian Scholarship

1993 High Performance Computing Scholarships

HPC, the National High Performance Computing Centre, and Fujitsu
Systems Business of Canada, Inc. announce a joint scholarship
program in scientific computing. The objective of the program
is to foster use of high performance computing for scientific
research at Canadian universities. The program emphasizes
scientific, rather than computational, issues. Efficient use of
the computational resources will also be expected from the
participants, but it is not the primary goal of the competition.

The program has two main parts. A number of 1993 HPC High
Performance Computing Scholarships will be awarded, chosen
competitively among the pool of applicants. All HPC Scholarship
awardees will compete for the annual Fujitsu Scholarship. The
Fujitsu Scholarship will reward the most significant scientific
results obtained on the Fujitsu VPX240 by an HPC Scholarship

While the scholarship program is targeted toward graduate
students, both student and research advisor will be named in the
award. In case of a team application, all the members of the
team will be named.

The awards will consist principally in computer time on the
Fujitsu VPX240 Vector supercomputer operated by the HPC Centre
in Calgary. The Fujitsu VPX240 is a single-CPU machine, with a
peak performance of 2.5 GigaFLOPS. It is presently the only
vector supercomputer publically accessible in Canada.

1993 HPC High Performance Computing Scholarships

Scholarships/grants-in-time will be offered, on a competitive
basis, by Fujitsu and the HPC Centre, to graduate students
enrolled in a full-time, degree-granting program in a Canadian
university. Collaborative efforts are also welcome, especially
international collaborations, but the main applicant will be a
graduate student enrolled in a Canadian university. Selected
applicants will be granted access for an extended period of time
to the Fujitsu VPX240 operated by HPC Centre. The exact number
selected will depend upon the quality of the proposals submitted
and the amount of resources being requested.

The scholarships will cover exclusively charges for computer use
at the facility operated by the HPC Centre, in conditions
determined by the HPC Centre, and limited to remaining resources
not sold to commercial customers, actually available on those
facilities. For the 1993 program, the application deadline is
May 4, 1993. Awards will be announced at SS'93, the 1993
Canadian High Performance Computing Symposium. to be held in
Calgary, June 7-9, 1993. Awardees will be granted access to the
VPX240 during a nine months periods starting July 1, 1993. At
their own discretion, the HPC Centre and Fujitsu may extend that
period to June 30, 1994, to participants who request an
extension. 1993 awardees may apply again in the 1994

As a condition for participation, all 1993 awardees agree to
submit a paper summarizing their results for presentation at
SS'94, the 1994 Canadian High Performance Computing Symposium,
and to submit a copy of that paper to the HPC/Fujitsu Scientific
Commission by May 4, 1994. Those papers will serve as the basis
for selection of the Fujitsu Scholarship Award by the

Proposals shall include a biography of the applicant, on the
form enclosed, a detailed technical proposal in free-form
format, up to two pages (11 in by 8 1/2 in) long, and a request
for computer resources, on the form enclosed. The proposal
shall be endorsed by the student's research advisor, and the
scholarship/grant-in-time shall be awarded jointly to the
graduate student and his research advisor, under the
responsibility and administration of the advisor.

The proposals shall be evaluated by the Scientific Commission,
based strictly upon their scientific merits, feasibility and
reasonableness of the goals and the request in view of the time
interval available and the resources being requested, and the
quality of the applicants.

1994 Fujitsu Scholarship

All HPC Scholarship awardees will be competing for the 1994
Fujitsu Scholarship, based upon the scientific quality of the
results obtained, as presented in a paper submitted to SS'94.
The entries shall be evaluated by the HPC/Fujitsu Scientific

The Prize shall consist of a trip for two to the SC'94
conference, including air fare, registration and accomodation,
plus continued access to the Fujitsu VPX240 for an additional
period of twelve months, and resources of a total value of up to
two times the value of the resources granted in the first phase.

Important Dates:

May 4, 1993: deadline for receipt of proposals.

June 7-9, 1993 (SS'93): Announcement of HPC Scholarship Awards.

July 1, 1993: Access to the Fujitsu VPX240 granted to awardees.

April 1, 1994: Papers submitted to the Scientific Commission.

June 1994 (SS'94): Announcement of the Fujitsu Scholarship winner.

HPC/Fujitsu Scientific Commission:

Applications must be mailed to:
HPC/Fujitsu Scientific Commission
c/o Luc Bauwens
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2P 2N4
Fax: (403) 282 8406 Phone: (403) 220 5792


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